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About Us

Mark Miller is the President and Founder of Strategies for Success, a consulting firm that mentors and coaches their clients to meet and exceed their sales goals. Mark founded the company in 1998 in Houston Texas. Since starting Strategies for Success, he has worked with countless individuals, companies, and organizations to help them bust through glass ceilings and exceed their sales number  limitations.


Mark's endorsements state; “I interviewed several Sales Consultants so that I would find the best one to fit my business objectives. Mark is, by-far, the best that I've ever met. He took his time to explore all of my objectives and, in that, helped me discover others.” or “There was a time that I was struggling with Time Management, and had every excuse for not making sales calls even though that's what I enjoyed most. Mark's professional enthusiasm, inspiration and no doubt proven methodologies got me making awesome sales presentations, allowing me to get back into My Game!” This type of feedback demonstrates just how much of an impact Mark and Strategies for Success can have on your business and sales team.


Mark has spent his career working in the field of sales and sales consulting. Prior to founding Strategies for Success Inc, Mr. Miller worked with Heath Consultants as their general manager. There he boosted sales from twenty million to over thirty million, and increased their gross margin from just six percent to a whopping thirty three percent!


Mark has a BA Degree in Chemistry, and a Masters Degree in  Biochemistry, both from West Virginia University in Morgantown West Virginia.

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