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Sales Solutions

for Individuals & Teams


Strategies for Success Inc. is first and foremost a sales consulting firm. We use proven non-traditional sales techniques to help you and your company shatter the glass ceiling when it comes to getting you the results you and your team desire.

Our in-person and online sales trainings are created with over 30 years of sales industry experience, and  designed to adjust your team's approach to selling. 

In-person & Online.

Sales Trainings

Eric Parsloe of The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring, defines mentoring as "to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be."


Whether it's for your sales leadership or your team, we believe a mentor is important to finding success in what you do.


The numbers prove it, our coaching and mentoring program helps salespeople close more sales, quickly, profitably, and consistently. Maximize sales performance, while increasing your overall sales numbers!

One on one or group coaching available.



Our sales workshops are focused on specific areas of sales and designed to be interactive for all participants. Build on your understanding of the sales world, specific situations, and learn how to  flat out sell.

Corporate Solutions

Strategies for Success has global capabilities, offering smart, systematic processes customized for your organization's requirements.

Technological Solutions

Our suite of software and reinforcement tools allow our clients to expand the training experience to be 24/7, thus maximizing the training investment and impact.

Leadership Solutions

Leadership isn't just the result of management processes; it's the manner by which those processes are implemented. And Strategies for Success has those processes ready to be implemented!

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